The result of the Small handkerchiefs, Dora the explorer, John Wick 3… The trailers don’t miss it

Every Saturday, check out the 5 videos that made the buzz this week. In the program : “We will end together”, adaptation live of a famous cartoon, Brie Larson director, … We will end up together – may 1, 2019
Guillaume Canet with François Cluzet, Marion Cotillard, Gilles Lellouche Concerned, Max is a party in his home at the edge of the sea to rejuvenate. His band mates, that he has not seen since more than 3 years of age landed by surprise for him to celebrate his birthday ! The surprise is total, but the home is much less… Max then sinks into a comedy of happiness that rings false, and which will put the group in situations to say the least, unexpected. The kids have grown up, others are born, the parents no longer have the same priorities… the separations, and The accidents of life… When all decide not to make small handkerchiefs on the big fibs, what else is there friendship ? Angry Birds : Friends like pigs trailer VF Angry Birds : Friends like pigs – October 16, 2019
Of Thurop Van Orman, John Rice, The Angry Birds embark on a new adventure, while the king Leonard, sovereign of the green pigs, takes his revenge on the band of birds after they have devastated his home country in a previous battle to retrieve their eggs. During this time, a mysterious bird purple named Zeta, tired of his life on a remote island and polar, the threat all of its own projects of conquest. Dora and the lost City trailer VO Dora and the lost City – August 14, 2019
James Bobin with Isabela Moner, Michael Peña, Eva Longoria After years of exploring the jungle with her parents, Dora prepares to live the most difficult test of his life : the entrance to the high school ! His soul explorer re-emerges when she has to fly to the rescue of his parents in danger. Accompanied by his faithful monkey Boots, her cousin Diego and new friends, high in colour, Dora embarks on a crazy adventure that will lead him to unravel the mystery of the City of gold lost. John Wick Parabellum trailer VO John Wick Parabellum – may 22, 2019
Chad Stahelski with Keanu Reeves, Halle Berry, Anjelica Huston, John Wick has transgressed a basic rule : it has killed even inside of the Hotel Continental. “Excommunicated”, all services related to the Continental are closed and his head was put at price. John finds himself without support, tracked by all the most dangerous killers in the world. Unicorn Store trailer VO Unicorn Store – April 5, 2019 on Netflix
And with Brie Larson with Samuel L. Jackson, Joan Cusack An artist’s fanciful to have accepted a thankless job after having been returned to an art school decided to pursue his ultimate dream : to adopt a unicorn.

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